CRRC Omni-Processor


  • Parnter Name
  • Partner Type
    Commercial Partner
  • Contact Info
    Mr. Chen Zhaohui (
  • Descriptive Overview
    CRRC is a pending commercial licensee of the Gates Foundation’s patented omni-processor technology. CRRC is adapting the technology to produce an omni-processor localized to the Chinese context, specifically focusing on the processing of biosolids and sorted organic waste.
  • Key Features
    • Designed to support FSTP processing 200 KLD (wet sludge)
    • Omni-Processor can be scaled smaller or larger to meet requirements
    • Will be tested with 20 to 40 tons per day of dewatered sludge at 40% total solids
    • Sustainable solution to reduce carbon footprint and green-house gas emissions
  • Use Case Details
    Standalone FSTP: Fecal sludge feedstock can be supplemented with biomass (e.g., organic waste) to reach 20% solids. Colocation with STP: Pairing of OP with existing sewage treatment plant in China will enable treatment of biosolids for complete pathogen destruction.
  • Dimensions (meters)
    footprint: 27m x 20m
  • Other Waste Accepted
    fecal sludge, biosolids, other biomass if needed
  • Use Cases
    • Standalone FSTP
    • Collocation with STP
  • Interface Type
  • Frontend Description
    The CRRC Omni-Processor is designed to be used as a component in a full fecal sludge treatment plant (FSTP).
  • Flush Water Source
  • Users per Day (Expected)
    The current system is designed to serve 300,000 - 500,000 people.
  • Users per Day (Maximum)
  • Type of Waste Treated
    Solids Processing
  • Core Processing Technology
    Dry Combustion
  • Processing Overview
    Wet biosolids are dried and metered to a boiler for combustion. Steam from combustion is then used for power generation.
  • Processing Capacity
    27 KLD of dewatered sludge
  • Consumable Chemicals Needed
    Lime for emissions controls, and acids/ bases for pH control.
  • Power Systems Overview
    Steam from the boiler is routed to a steam engine and generator. Electricity is produced for use in the system, with excess electricity available for other uses.
  • Energy Balance
    300 kW electricity recovered (gross, estimated)
  • Control System
    Remote monitoring and controls
  • Capital Expense Estimate Notes
    Capital expense not available at this time
  • Operating Expense Estimate Notes
    Operating expense estimate not available at this time
  • Expected Design Lifetime (Years)
  • Currently in Active Development
  • Commercialization Status
    Seeking Licensees
  • Commercialization Activities
    Commercial License from BMGF expected Nov 2018 (other licenses still available). The CRRC Omni-Processor CS50 is in design and tech transfer phase. The pilot unit will be built and commissioned at Wu He county of Beng Bu City <An Hui Province> in December 2018.
  • Intellectual Property Status
    Patent Granted
  • Intellectual Property Details
    Based on US Patent 9,708,937 and the associated family of patents and applications in other jurisdictions. IP owned by BMGF.
  • Solid Emission Characteristics
    1000-2000 kg ash/day produced.
  • Liquid Emission Characteristics
    Confirmed total pathogen removal < 1.8MPN/100ML. 6 KLD distilled water recovered.
  • Technology Development Milestones
  • Pilot Scale Deployment
    TRL: 8 (2018)
    The CRRC Omni-Processor CS50 is in design and technology transfer phase. Pilot unit will be built and commissioned at Wu He county of Beng Bu City <An Hui Province> in December 2018
  • Linked Enabling Components
  • None linked
Patent Number Description Link
US20160138433 Multi-functional fecal waste and garbage processor and associated methods Link