• Parnter Name
  • Partner Type
    Technology Partner
  • Contact Info
    Christian Seiler, PhD ( Zurich, Switzerland
  • Website
  • Descriptive Overview
    Helbling has been engaged by the Gates Foundation to develop HTClean, a next-generation Reinvented Toilet based on a high temperature and high pressure processing design. The toilet is being engineered specifically for the household. Intuitive visual cues on operation, maintenance, status, and usability are integrated.
  • Key Features
    • Self-sustaining toilet without water and sewage connection
    • Single household system designed for 4-6 users/day, up to 10 users/day
    • Vacuum flush system greatly reduces the flush water required
    • A unique, intuitive human machine interface
  • Use Case Details
    1. Household: Designed as a self-contained household unit for up to 10 users per day. Suited for "wipe" or "wash" configurations. 2. Multi-unit: Core processing technology could be scaled for school or public/ community application or by installing units in each stall
  • Dimensions (meters)
    L 1.2 m X W 1.0 m X H 1.9 m
  • Regularly Scheduled Required Maintenance
    Non-hazardous, non-odorous, solid waste cakes and excess liquids to be regularly disposed by user.
  • Use Cases
    • Single-stall Toilet
    • Multi-stall Toilet
  • Interface Type
  • Frontend Description
    The input tank is fed by the user input of the toilet through a vacuum pump including a macerator. Solid/liquid separation is conducted after processing by a mechanical filter press.
  • Approximate Water Use (L/flush)
  • Flush Water Source
    Internal (Recycled)
  • Users per Day (Expected)
  • Users per Day (Maximum)
  • Type of Waste Treated
    Combined Stream (solids and liquids)
  • Core Processing Technology
  • Processing Overview
    The composited material from the storage tank is passed through a pre-heater, then loaded into a reactor chamber under heat and pressure. After cooling, solids and liquids are separated, resulting in a small filter 'cake', and water is cleaned for reuse.
  • Processing Capacity
    10 Users/ day
  • Processing Parameters
    Reactor chamber is heated about 200 °C, at a pressure up to 25 bar. Water vapor released from the reactor after processing is used for pre-heating quenched in a bubble tank. The quenched water in is also cleaned and combined with the flush water.
  • Power Systems Overview
    External electricity source is required.
  • Expected Design Lifetime (Years)
  • Currently in Active Development
  • Commercialization Status
    Seeking Licensees
  • Commercialization Activities
    Commercialization partners for product localization, manufacturing, and launch in global markets. Technology is available for licensing for further product development, manufacturing, and launch from the Gates Foundation. Demonstrator unit developed and lab tested in Zurich, Switzerland. Additional prototype testing and design improvements planed starting from January 2019.
  • Intellectual Property Status
  • Nutrient Reuse
    Approximately 20g filter cake/user/day expected.
  • Technology Development Milestones
  • Lab Prototype
    TRL: 6 (2019)
    Demonstrator unit developed and lab tested in Zurich, Switzerland. Additional prototype testing and design improvements planed starting from January 2019
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