Supercritical Water Oxidation (Duke)


  • Descriptive Overview
    The Supercritical Water Oxidation system is a containerized, scalable treatment technology for versatile applications and waste types. It uses a supercritical water oxidation process to treat a combined solid and liquid waste stream, with >99.95% conversion to clean water and carbon dioxide, plus complete pathogen removal. The system is capable of handling high COD/BOD feedstocks and hazardous industrial wastes (e.g. oil, chemical, pharma, etc.). It produces no polluting emissions, no odor, and no disinfection by-products.
  • Use Case Details
    Compact, versatile and scalable units are self-contained and can be located wherever treatment capacity is needed.
  • Dimensions (meters)
    System for waste from 6,000 people housed in a 40ft container with exterior holding tanks.
  • Other Waste Accepted
    Mixed waste streams, hazardous waste, fecal sludge, animal waste, septage, sewage, and industrial wastes, including high COD/BOD streams
  • Use Cases
    • Building-level Processing
    • Standalone FSTP
    • Collocation with STP
  • Frontend Description
    Accepts waste from pit emptiers or industrial processes in a storage tank before processing.
  • Users per Day (Expected)
    Scalable, with units designed for 6k, 30k, and 200k people.
  • Users per Day (Maximum)
  • Type of Waste Treated
    Combined Stream (solids and liquids)
  • Core Processing Technology
    Wet Oxidation
  • Processing Capacity
    Uses an aerobic supercricital water oxidation process to covert waste to clean water, carbon dioxide, heat, and electricity
  • Processing Parameters
    Processing at approximately 374oC and 220 bar
  • Currently in Active Development
  • Commercialization Status
    Seeking Licensees
  • Commercialization Activities
    Currently seeking engineering and commercial partners for product development, manufacturing, and launch
  • Intellectual Property Status
    Patent Pending
  • Air and Noise Emission Characteristics
    No polluting emissions (e.g. SOx, NOx), no odor
  • Liquid Emission Characteristics
    Complete pathogen removal confirmed
  • Linked Complete Systems
  • None linked