The Biogenic Refinery


  • Parnter Name
    Biomass Controls
  • Partner Type
    Commercial Partner
  • Contact Info
    Jeff Hallowell (
  • Website
  • Descriptive Overview
    The Biomass Controls Biogenic Refinery is a decentralized, small-scale pyrolysis omniprocessor (P-OP) system that processes human and other organic waste streams into valuable end products. It designed to meet the needs of the urban and peri-urban communities that lack safe sanitation treatment. It has been successfully treating solids at the Tide Technocrats fecal sludge treatment plants in India, and is available independently.
  • Dimensions (meters)
    2m x 2m (BR209 model), 2m x 3m (BR4018 model), 2m x 4m (BR8036)
  • Other Waste Accepted
    Biosolids, other biomass
  • Use Cases
    • Standalone FSTP
    • Collocation with STP
  • Frontend Description
    Core technology requires 65% minimum total solids in the input stream. Additional dewatering and drying equipment can be added for input streams with lower total solids.
  • Users per Day (Maximum)
  • Type of Waste Treated
    Solids Processing
  • Core Processing Technology
  • Processing Overview
    Pyrolysis process that accomplishes 100% pathogen elimination. Leverages a combined heat, power, and biochar system (see patents).
  • Processing Capacity
    From 108 dry kg/day up to 432 dry kg/day depending on the model
  • Gas Processing
    Includes an integrated, combined catalytic converter and cyclone separator with novel safety and control features (see patents).
  • Power Systems Overview
    Requires power supply, but needs less than 1kW of electricity.
  • Energy Balance
    Provides excess heat for drying. BR209 model produces 25kW, BR4018 model produces 50 kW, BR8036 model produces 100 kW.
  • Control System
    Uses multiple patented components: control system for the catalytic converter, fuel and air feed controller for the furnace, and an intelligent oxygen level controller for air emissions monitoring. System monitoring is available through the company's smartphone app, "Kelvin".
  • Currently in Active Development
  • Commercialization Status
    Ready To Purchase
  • Commercialization Activities
    Installations have been completed in fecal sludge treatment plants in Warangal, Narsapur, and Wai, India. Units in Wai have been running successfully since 2018. The company also has an active presence in the USA (North Caroline, Alaska, Connecticut, New York) and in Durban, South Africa.
  • Intellectual Property Status
    Patent Granted
  • Intellectual Property Details
    Multiple patents received including intelligent controls and pollution control. Additional patents pending.
  • Nutrient Reuse
    Produces pathogen-free “biochar,” a carbon-rich compound that can be safely used in horticulture to improve soil, and treated liquid effluent that can be used for gardening and landscaping.
  • Solid Emission Characteristics
    Approximately 50kg biochar/day produced for a 15 KLD FSTP installation.
  • Technology Development Milestones
  • Commercial Test Sites
    TRL: 8 (2018)
    Initial test site with Tide Technocrats in Bengaluru, India, followed by three city-wide pilots in Wai, Warangal, and Narsapur.
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