Pulsing Electronic Disinfection


  • Parnter Name
    Duke University Center for WaSH-AID
  • Partner Type
    Technology Partner
  • Contact Info
    Duke University Centre for WaSH-AID Dr. Brian Stoner (stoner@duke.edu) Durham, NC USA
  • Tech Transfer Office
  • Website
  • Descriptive Overview
    Liquid processing technology that uses pulsed electrochemical disinfection in a series of baffle tanks.
  • Use Case Details
    Household and Community: Designed for 10 to 50 users per day. The processing system can be adapted to service multiple seats in a community block.
  • Use Cases
    • Multi-stall Toilet
  • Frontend Description
    Compatible with both pedestal and squat plate interfaces.
  • Users per Day (Expected)
  • Users per Day (Maximum)
  • Type of Waste Treated
    Liquids Processing
  • Core Processing Technology
  • Processing Overview
    Hybrid processing includes activated carbon filtration with electrochemical disinfection. A post baffle filter is used for Helminth egg removal. The disinfected liquid is recycled for flush water.
  • Processing Capacity
    Scalable, with previous versions designed for 30 L/day.
  • Power Systems Overview
    Requires power source. Current prototypes using grid power or solar cells.
  • Currently in Active Development
  • Commercialization Status
    Seeking Licensees
  • Commercialization Activities
    Commercialization partners for product development, manufacturing, and launch
  • Intellectual Property Status
    Patent Pending
  • Nutrient Reuse
    10-30 L/day of water can be recovered after disinfection
  • Liquid Emission Characteristics
    Complete pathogen removal confirmed. Effluent meets ISO standards.