Source-separation Interface


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    Technology Partner
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    Harald Gruendl (
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    EOOS offers a novel source-separation interface that can be adapted to multiple squatting and pedestal applications and materials (e.g., ceramics and plastics.) The interface passively separates urine and, when combined with available third party components, also efficiently separates solid feces and flush/wash water. Separation of urine and blackwater waste streams at the source, allow for urine harvesting and greatly simplifying sub-sequent treatment processes, particularly nitrogen capture. The interface is compatible with wide range of “reinvented toilet” treatment solutions for both liquids and solids.
  • Use Case Details
    Can support solid/liquid separation in a variety of user interface configurations for single- or multi-stall toilets. Appropriate for wipe or wash installations with any flush water source.
  • Use Cases
    • Single-stall Toilet
    • Multi-stall Toilet
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    • Interface
    • Liquid/ solid separation
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  • Power Systems Overview
    Passive separation design; no electricity required.
  • Currently in Active Development
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    Ready To Purchase
  • Commercialization Activities
    Initial design developed and lab tested in Austria. Ceramic pedestal design testing occurred in Durban, South Africa in 2018. An initial partnership for commercialization with Lixil has been established, with adaptations and testing in key markets planned prior to launch (targeting 2019).
  • Intellectual Property Status
    Patent Pending
  • Intellectual Property Details
    Patent protection on the interface is being pursued by EOOS.
  • Technology Development Milestones
  • Field Tests
    TRL: 7 (2018)
    Ceramic pedestal design testing in Durban, South Africa in 2018.