• Parnter Name
    Yixing Entrustech Environmental Co., Ltd.
  • Partner Type
    Commercial Partner
  • Contact Info
  • Website
  • Descriptive Overview
    Produces electrodes for use with the CalTech electrochemical treatment process. Electrodes are available for purchase and being used int he Eco-San toilets. Yixing Eco-Sanitary Manufacture Co., Ltd (Eco-San) is a sister company.
  • Use Cases
    • Single-stall Toilet
    • Multi-stall Toilet
    • Building-level Processing
  • Application or Type
    • Technology component
  • Commercialization Status
    Ready To Purchase
  • Commercialization Activities
    Available for purchase
  • Intellectual Property Status
    Patent Pending
  • Intellectual Property Details
    Patents pending from CalTech on the electrochemical process in the United States, India, and China. See WO 2014/058825 A1 for further information.
Patent Number Description Link
WO2014058825 Self-contained, PV-powered domestic toilet and wastewater treatment system Link