Water Wall


  • Parnter Name
    Eawag: Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology
  • Partner Type
    Technology Partner
  • Contact Info
    Dr. Juri Lienert (juri.lienert@eawag.ch)
  • Website
  • Descriptive Overview
    The Water Wall is a stand-along hand-washing station that combines a biological membrane reactor, activated carbon and electrolysis to provide save recycled water
  • Use Case Details
    Current Water Wall can be used as a hand washing station with three faucets - considering deployment at schools.
  • Application or Type
    • Greywater or handwashing
  • Interface Type
  • Flush Water Source
    Internal (Recycled)
  • Users per Day (Expected)
    Designed for around 10 users per day
  • Users per Day (Maximum)
  • Power Systems Overview
    The water wall uses three units to treating the used flushing water and hand-washing water: a membrane bioreactor with ultrafiltration, activated carbon filter and electrolysis to produce residual chlorine
  • Currently in Active Development
  • Commercialization Status
    Seeking Licensees
  • Commercialization Activities
    Ready for manufacturing and seeking partners.
  • Intellectual Property Status