Enabling Components

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Application or Type
System Name Partner Name Description Used in Complete Systems
Malodor Counteracting Technology Firmenich Evidence shows that even when toilets exist, they are often not used due to their unpleasant smell. Over 200 compounds make up toilet odor, but four in particular drive what we perceive as “fecal odor”. The Firmenich Malodor Project highlights how Firmenich brought a multidisciplinary team of scientists together from Sensory and Cognitive Science to Receptor Biology in order to advance its expertise in malodor control. Throughout the project its experts conducted extensive fieldwork in cities and rural regions across India, Kenya, South Africa and Uganda, to confirm the performance of their findings. These years of research resulted in the discovery of breakthrough malodor counteracting technologies that eliminate the foul odor associated with toilets in a cost-effective and sustainable way.
Bar Screen & Pivot Plate University of Toronto Following evaluation of several designs, current prototype uses a bar screen followed by a pivot plate at the bottom of the squat plate separates liquids from solids. Currently designed for a squat plate, but can be adapted to a pedestal.
Electrodes Yixing Entrustech Environmental Co., Ltd. Produces electrodes for use with the CalTech electrochemical treatment process. Electrodes are available for purchase and being used int he Eco-San toilets. Yixing Eco-Sanitary Manufacture Co., Ltd (Eco-San) is a sister company.
Rotating Flush Cranfield University A novel waterless swiping flush mechanism designed for incorporation into a Western-style pedestal toilet.
EnviVac EnviroSystems Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd, Established in 2003, EnviroSystems Engineering and Technology Co., Ltd. is focusing on new type of vacuum drainage technology, sewage, and waste resources recycling technology, as well as ecological town construction technology. The EnviVac air flush toilet aims to develop a better alternative to a dry composting toilet which has no water consumption, while maximizing the available waste for resource recovery. Robust design with no maintenance needed. Differentiated from other manufacturers by a patented diaphragm valve without mechanical spring(s); less than 0.1L of water and only 1 Wh of electrical energy required per use.
eToilet Eram Scientific Eram Scientific’s eToilet is an automated frontend solution deployed in over 3,500 sites and proven effective when used with multiple backend processing technologies. The eToilet features automated entry and self-cleaning of toilet bowls and floors for automated and unmanned operations. It includes a sensor-enabled water minimization system and support multiple potential business models for deployment and scale-up.
Source-separation Interface EOOS EOOS offers a novel source-separation interface that can be adapted to multiple squatting and pedestal applications and materials (e.g., ceramics and plastics.) The interface passively separates urine and, when combined with available third party components, also efficiently separates solid feces and flush/wash water. Separation of urine and blackwater waste streams at the source, allow for urine harvesting and greatly simplifying sub-sequent treatment processes, particularly nitrogen capture. The interface is compatible with wide range of “reinvented toilet” treatment solutions for both liquids and solids.
Water Wall Eawag: Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology The Water Wall is a stand-along hand-washing station that combines a biological membrane reactor, activated carbon and electrolysis to provide save recycled water
S.H.E. (Safe Hygiene for Everyone) Duke Center for WaSH-AID and Biomass Controls S.H.E. (Safe Hygiene for Everyone) is a compact, fully automated sanitary pad sterile disposal device engineered to provide dignity and privacy, waste reduction, and safe hygiene. With a capacity of up to 15 pads at a time and a processing time under 30 minutes, the S.H.E. thermally treats pads between 800 and 900C, emitting low emissions and producing minimal ash. An innovative burner and airflow design minimize harmful emissions while accepting a wide range of pad materials and moisture content. The system can be wall or floor mounted and can be remotely monitored and managed using software architecture that collects data from embedded senssors. Capacity and cycle time ideal for shared and public settings such as schools, dormitories, businesses, malls, apartment buildings, train stations, airports and factories.